James Hamilton Architect

The practice is led by James Hamilton who is a Chartered Architect and a member of the RIBA (Royal Institute of British Architects). James was born in 1976 and gained a B.A (Hons) Degree in Architecture from Plymouth University. He subsequently gained a ‘Postgraduate Diploma in Architecture’ from UEL and subsequently a MSc (Master of Science Degree in Architecture). He gained a commendation for his MSc in ‘computation design and architecture’. James became a chartered architect and member of the RIBA in 2006.

Prior to the completion of his B.A (Hons) James gained experience in the offices of Rick Mather and Nicholas Grimshaw. Subsequent to the completion of his MSc he worked in the offices of Norman Foster, Seth Stein and Allies and Morrison. James left Foster and Partners in 2004 and began work as an architect in the Turks and Caicos Islands. To date James Hamilton architects have consulted on a wide of projects in Turks and Caicos, United Kingdom and Cape Verde Islands.

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